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When the timid yet curious Elsie Maitland stumbles upon a small, seaside town, she takes a room in the lone hotel on top of the cliffs—but something’s amiss. A curious group of guests has been summoned by an unknown host, but what’s even more puzzling is that not even the guests seem to know why. What they do know, however, is that they were all suspects in an unsolved murder twenty years earlier, a murder that took place at this very hotel. History soon repeats itself when an unassuming reverend is bludgeoned to death and the hotel’s maid is poisoned, leaving the guests to wonder, who’s next?

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Publishers Weekly Image“In Lynch-Harris’s first novel, a charming homage to the classic mystery, a secretive host summons a number of people to the Hotel Westend in the town of Westend Bay in an unspecified U.S. state. An outlier among the guests is Elsie Maitland, whose meandering voyage in search of adventure results in her unexpected stay at the hotel. The other guests, a pompous millionaire and his newlywed bride, and a grim Mrs. Iradene Hartwell and her younger sister, Marian, are connected by a murder that occurred at the site of the hotel 20 years previous; all were considered suspects at the time. After a maid is poisoned and a reverend also called to the hotel is murdered, it seems the past is replaying itself and a sergeant sequesters the guests. Elsie excitedly consults with her famed mystery writer sister via letters and begins to conduct her own investigation. Lynch-Harris playfully indulges genre tropes, raising readers’ suspicions equally among multiple characters as Elsie plays sleuth and finds romance with a journalist who has his own connection to the crimes.”

Publishers Weekly

5 Star Review“Oh, my! What a treat it is for a reader who loves mysteries to find a new one that is simply a delight in every way…and that’s exactly what I found in author Ashley Lynch-Harris’s newest book, The Hotel Westend: A Mystery.

I loved The Hotel Westend. Loved. It. How’s that for a review? Well, it’s definitely how I felt about this excellent new entry into the murder mystery category by author Ashley Lynch-Harris. The author has done a stellar job in creating interesting characters that her readers will find intriguing and relatable. This story line is fresh and full of surprises, not always an easy feat in the world of mysteries these days. Take it from a person who reads a ton of mysteries, this is a book that you won’t be able to figure out from the first few chapters, which is a refreshing change from many out there. I highly recommend The Hotel Westend to any reader who loves a good mystery, or just a great work of fiction in general. I look forward to reading more from the talented and promising author Ashley Lynch-Harris in the very near future, and hope that she is already hard at work on her next great read!”

– Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars

5 Star Review“I must admit I was just a tiny bit skeptical when I began reading Ashley Lynch-Harris’s traditional drawing room murder mystery, The Hotel Westend. The author’s love of and roots in the works of Agatha Christie and other classic mystery writers was clearly apparent, but I did wonder if she would be able to pull off a mystery novel so steeped in that tradition and have it be both original and unpredictable at the same time. My concerns, I’m thrilled to announce, ended up being all for naught. Lynch-Harris’ murder mystery is cunning and intricately plotted with scads of red herrings draped all over the storyline, which are bound to confuse the most careful of mystery readers. Her sleuths, the bookseller, Elsie, and her mystery author sister, Frances, are a joy to follow as they discuss clues, suspicions and findings via the letters they dash out to each other throughout the story. This solidly plotted and oh so smoothly written story kept me glued to the pages until I finally reached the very satisfying solution to the mystery. I’m looking forward to further traditional mysteries by Lynch-Harris, and hope to witness more of Elsie and Frances’ masterful sleuthing. The Hotel Westend is most highly recommended.”

– Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars

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