My brother and me

My brother and me

Late last night, in the earliest hours of the morning, I wrote a poem in memory of my brother who passed away. It was just after midnight that my thoughts lingered, wide awake reflecting on God’s grace and His ultimate gift of salvation. Since my brother’s passing, I’ve thought of salvation—glorious eternity with the Lord—in an even deeper, more personal way than ever before. For you see, now Heaven is no longer “just” the place of glory that I know I will be one day… it is now the place I imagine in my mind, a place where my brother now enjoys all its splendor, and where my brother now lives in the presence of Jesus Christ Himself!

More and more often I imagine what being present with Christ must be like… to be engulfed in God’s love and peace so completely, and as I reflect on these things I smile. I realize now that I more intimately understand… the extent of the grace that God has given us when he offered His gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

20140902_183341 CROP 3The comfort, joy, and peace that swell in my heart at the thought of such a gift,  is even more momentous to me now than ever before…So, with immense gratitude, I wrote this poem for my God and in loving memory of my brother, thanking the Lord for “The Nearness of His Grace”.


“The Nearness of His Grace”

By: Ashley Lynch-Harris

As You wrap my brother into Your arms

You welcome once more a father’s son

As my grief is eclipsed by Your love undefined

I more intimately grasp the grace of why Christ died

For though in my flesh I fall and I fall

My heart and soul rise

Because of Your merciful call

For you exchanged the stench of our dust and our ashes

For splendid robes and glorious, eternal passage

14 thoughts on “In Memory of my Brother

  1. I am truly touched by the love you have for your brother,may God bless you and may he Rest In Peace until that day when the dead in Christ will rise.Peace and Love!

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