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Alex & JoJo

ASHLEY LYNCH-HARRIS, author of The Hotel Westend, writes present-day mysteries that are reminiscent of the Golden Age of detective fiction. Publishers Weekly has described her work as “a charming homage to the classic mystery…” She has a series of short stories slated for publication in the Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine and is a member of the International Association of Crime Writers (North American Branch). An honors graduate of the University of South Florida, Ashley lives in Tampa with her husband, Alex, and dog, Jo Jo.



Typewriter KeysWriting… 

I love the power words have to heal, encourage, entertain, and inspire. I love the thrill of a mystery and the “aha” moment when I’ve learned something new. As I continue to grow as a person and a writer, I hope to make a powerful impact not only with my words, but my life as well.

I thank God for the wonderful family and friends He has placed beside me. My husband, Alex, and my parents, Dr. Barrington and Mrs. Janel Lynch, have been especially pivotal in encouraging me along the way. My brother, who is with the Lord now, has and always will be an inspiration to me. Finally, I also thank God for the trials I’ve gone through which have allowed me to gain the perspective, growth, and compassion that I would not have otherwise gained.



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